Welcome to my web said the spider to the fly. Or 'sumtim like that. I begin this with my heartfelt thanks to the thousands of meshers, recolourists, modders, decorators, builders, designers, programmers, and fellow Sims addicts without whom none of this would be possible. Through your creativity, tireless efforts, kindness and willingness to share you have brought this game to life and kept thousands of people who would have otherwise lost interest; playing. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Factory Starter

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Livingroom, front hall, artist studio-office
For several more photos visit Simmetry - The Album

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Gates Factory

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Front hall-den-office-bookcases, kitchen and diningroom
To see several more photos of Gates Factory visit Simmetry - The Album

Urban Lots

My other passion. The old factory coverted. Urban, industrial age, whatever you want to call it old somehow always becomes new again. Buildings are no different. The new trend toward refurbishing old factories into to high priced condos has become trendy in large cities. Sims are no different. The urban wave has taken over Sim land as well and we have the photos to prove it.

I love most of the urban lots but my two all time favourites Gates Factory and Starter Factory were done by Vindicare at MTS2. I tried to leave the buildings alone as best I could only changing a few things here and there to suit my personal preference but the decor is all mine.


170 Newbie Road

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Fourth in the series is 170 Newbie Road
Kitchen, diningroom, livingroom

167 Newbie Road

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Third in the series is 167 Newbie Road
I found it a little difficult to navigate the camera in such a small space so forgive the limited view. I find myself growing weary of the usual rug fare out there and tried the floor version of the Jonesie at Black Pearl Sims blanket as an alternative. Turned out nicely imho.

172 Newbie Road

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Second in the Series is 172 Newbie Road
Kitchen, diningroom, den, and livingroom

166 Newbie Road

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First in the Series in 166 Newbie Road
Kitchen, dinning, and livingroom


I discovered early on in game play that even on my best days trying to keep track of all of my Sims is a lot like herding cats. I found it confusing, irritating, and not a lot of fun. I committed then and there (sans the odd exception) to restrict the lots I build or borrow small in size primarily for this reason.

On my quest for small lots I stumbed across Plasticbox at MTS2 and fell in love with the Newbie Road houses rebuilt-revisited. Actually I'm a Plasticbox fan period, but I digress. As a child my parents either camped or rental small cottages the Wasaga Beach area of Ontario one week out of every summer. Sometimes other family members (aunts, uncles, and cousins) would share or rent the same weeks next door or across the street and my fondest childhood memories are of those holidays spent with family.

What passed as a cottage to us were actually pre-world war homes converted into summer rentals. I always tried to imagine them as actual homes with growing families attempting to cram a lifetime of stuff into something not much bigger than today's storage units and it was this that became my challenge. I downloaded a slew of Newbie Road houses and did my best to fit a lifetime into a box. It encouraged me to come up with some pretty creative storage and decorating ideas and I great fun doing it.

To tell the truth my real life is not a lot different. As an artist and writer and err...crafty person...I have A LOT of stuff. Art supplies, craft supplies, office supplies, half finished work, finished work, works in progress, old work, new work and books and books and books and more books. I have always had to find ways to store creatively and have gotten quite good at it over the years. Of course it helps that I thrive in chaos. Apparently so do my Sims now that my decorating and design style has crossed over into Sims land.

Enjoy. Any and all comments are encouraged and appreciated.